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I'm afraid that the name 'Antonio' might suggest among some artists, or certainly, could be the Westernized signature adopted by an artist from an art factory in China. Yet, they have bat symbology in them (they have bats' wings) and bats are helpful, luck bringing animals of feng shui. This is partly due to the fact that you may publish an image that may in fact be of a print. Attempt searching on pictures of George Coulon paintings.

Similarly, an art or antique dealer will make a repaired deal if they have an interest in your product. If you have an authentic Poussin (there are lots of copies and forgeries in circulation) then you need to approach one of the larger, better known auction houses where they might have the best know-how to deal properly paint by numbers with such a important and rare product. It's difficult to give an accurate sign of possible value without seeing the image in person. -1966) was a Dutch artist who produced traditional-style paintings.If you use the free listings on to investigate the cost auction prices, you will see that numerous oil paintings by Bricher accomplish countless dollars at auction, in some cases in the high thousands.

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Nevertheless, if the painting is especially attractive, and the artist is uncommonly collectable, then you can still succeed, however just like all these things, its hard to forecast. I would suggest you take it to an art dealer or an auction house for their professional recommendations. Microsoft Workplace provides templates for basically everything, from Christmas banners to recipes and funeral The majority of document design templates - blank documents that enable you to provide your work or accomplish a particular task with the very little of formatting from you - can be discovered online through Microsoft Workplace Online, although there are numerous resources that offer 3rd party templates.You might have a piece by the contemporary French artist Jean-Paul Baret whose works sell for quite decent amounts of cash. Hi Susan, sorry to hear that you have not found an undiscovered old master, however thankful that you still enjoy your paintings.

As I'm based in the UK, I hesitate I'm not familiar with auction homes and art dealerships in your location. His paintings of ships and boats offer well at auction and sometimes cost considerable amounts of loan. It is impossible to value a painting properly without seeing it in person, and the information that you have actually provided is too vague to offer any genuine ideas about the artist.Please bear in mind that there are huge numbers of amateur artists who produce remarkable work that has very limited resale value. Etchings have actually been around because the 16th century, and numerous well-known artists, including Goya and Rembrandt, have explore this art type. Printmaking is an art kind in which an artist makes several copies of a work in minimal edition, numbers them and signs them by hand, and then terminates making more.There are a variety of noted artists with the surname Puente.